Zafir by Prue Mason – Book for Hire


A moving story of one child’s life in a conflict zone.

See detailed description below for further information relating to themes and reading ages.

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Zafir has a comfortable life in Homs, Syria, until his father, a doctor, is arrested for helping a protester who was campaigning for revolution. While his mother heads to Damascus to try to find out where his father is being held, Zafir stays with his grandmother – until her house is bombed. With his father in prison, his mother absent, his grandmother ill and not a friend left in the city, Zafir must stay with his Uncle Ghazi. But that too becomes dangerous as the city becomes more and more besieged. Will Zafir survive long enough to be reunited with his parents?



Interest age: 11+
Reading age: 11+


Themes explored include: change versus tradition, chaos and order, disillusionment and dreams, faith versus doubt, female roles, good versus bad, love and sacrifice, power and corruption

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